Clara was the perfect editor to swoop in and save me from myself on more than one occasion. Although swoop isn’t the best term, she professionally listened to my banter and helped guide me accordingly.

As a debut epic fantasy author, I was overwhelmed and struggled from understanding my book’s needs to figuring out how to write a blurb. Clara was happy to lend her knowledge and outline the best use of my budget. She went above and beyond multiple times during the all too familiar imposter syndrome we all face while helping me shape my story into the best it could be as my developmental editor.

I’ve been incredibly satisfied and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to new or seasoned fantasy authors who really want an editor who puts in the time. Clara not only dug in deep but was very careful to keep my voice and story my own. That to me is worth gold.

~L.R. Bryant, Epic/Dark Fantasy Author of Bound by Blood and Shadow

One of the hardest parts of finding an editor was finding someone who understood my writing style and knew how to strengthen it. I sent samples to many editors over several projects, and it wasn’t until I received a sample back from Clara at Prometheus Editorial that I knew she was the one for me!

She knows how to edit my work while also keeping my word choice. When she finds something that might change the way my story is written, she asks questions and communicates options with grammatical rules, giving me the choice to make the changes that work best for my story. I plan on having Clara edit all my future novels, since I love working with her!

~Dee Rollings, Contemporary Romance Author of A Liar and a Thief

Clara was wonderful to work with! Blood of My Heart would not be what it is without her. She copy/line edited this book for me and even caught a few tiny plot holes while doing so. She was great at explaining her decisions, refrencing her sources, and answering all my questions in a way that felt like she was truly trying to help not only the book, but me as a writer. Aside from the copy/line edit, she also helped me make some important decisions, listened to my ranting, responded to my many emails in a quick manner, and encouraged me in the places I was doing well.

She also did a fantastic job at helping me navigate the cruel task of writing a blurb. It took many revisions and new attempts on my part, but she made it pain-free and figured out what parts of my several blurbs worked best to piece together one that worked perfectly for the book. I only wish I had asked for help sooner!

I look forward to working with Clara on the next two books in this series!

~K.P. Burchfield, Epic/Dark Fantasy Author of Blood of My Heart

What they don't tell you about divorce book cover

Clara was quick and efficient. I had a tight deadline and she worked hard to come in a few days before that. All of her edits and developmental help was extremely useful! My prologue and chapter one wouldn’t be as good without her help!

~J.K. Weyant, Romance Author of What They Don’t Tell You About Divorce

Clara did an amazing job executing the developmental review for my book. It’s my first novel and I was really struggling with what I needed to edit as far as character development, story arches and general flow of the story.

The feedback she provided me was detailed and was exactly what I needed to make sure this first book is marketable. She didn’t just look at the bigger picture, she really homed in on specifics of my word building, which characters came across as main or support and identified areas where my point-of-view switches.

I will definitely be using her services again.

~Virginia Halley, Epic/YA Fantasy Author

A day like any other book cover

Why did I pick Clara?

Let me tell you.

First, I went to the Editorial Freelancers Association website. They have a solid code of ethics for their members.

Next, I looked at the editors in my area. (Not that it’s super important, but hopefully, because they live in the same area, they have somewhat similar tastes.)

Then I called and talked to her. When I found out she majored in Latin, that was important. (I had to take Latin for four years in high school, flunked almost as much as I passed, and knew she had to have dedication to language skills.)

What did I find?

She is a true lady and edits accordingly. She carefully reads to gain an understanding of both you and what you’re trying to say. Her developmental editing advice is respectful, knowledgeable, and on point. She’s smart, well-versed in her craft, and takes her responsibility seriously. She will give you value and treat you honestly.

Her copy and line editing reflect the same qualities, and regardless of what type of editing you choose, she will offer advice on other matters for which she has no obligation – to make your writing better.

That is my experience, and I would not hesitate for a New York minute, to recommend Clara if you are a serious writer.

~Robert Every, Romance & Literary Fiction Author of A Day Like Any Other