Author Websites

Web Design

I design author websites to help you increase your internet visibility and get future readers interested in you and your books. For an example of my work, check out the website I designed for Bob Every, a romance and literary fiction author.

I can help you choose what pages to include on your website and make creative decisions about how you’d like your website to look. For example, I can help you find the right font pairings and select colors that complement each other.

I include copyediting as part of my web design packages, so that you can rest assured that you’re communicating clearly and effectively with your prospective readers and making a good impression.

Costs vary based on the scope of the project with prices starting at $350 for design of a simple website with no backend help.

I offer copywriting as an optional add-on to my web design services. I have had training in copywriting generally as well as training that focused specifically on blurbs and other promotional materials for authors.


What does this look like?

You would sign up for web hosting and choose your domain name.

Then you would install WordPress through that host, at which point you would be able to log in to your WordPress website.

None of this is difficult or complicated, and if you did get stuck, your hosting company will help you figure things out. Especially if you use NameHero, because they’re known for their good customer service.

You’d then add me as a user inside WordPress and I’d set up the website from there, taking into account any preferences you have on colors, fonts, layout of the pages, etc.

The web hosting service I recommend to the authors I work with is NameHero, and I build websites using the Divi theme.

I also recommend both NameHero and Divi to anyone DIY-ing an author website as a cheaper alternative to Wix or Squarespace that offers the same easy drag-and-drop page builder experience.