I provide customized editing packages based on what your manuscript needs and what budget you’re working with.

I give estimates at no charge after looking at the full manuscript.

Because it is impossible to know exactly how much work will go into a specific project, I will present the estimate as a range indicating the minimum and maximum you can expect to pay.

If you have an idea of what type of editing you want, I can estimate the costs for that specifically and confirm that it’s a good choice for your manuscript.

For authors with limited budgets, I can give advice on what will benefit your manuscript the most and tell you how much editing you can expect for a certain dollar amount.

If you aren’t sure what you want or have a flexible budget, I’ll recommend the level of editing that would be most beneficial for your novel.

Average Costs

One round of editing will normally fall into the range of $.01-$.04/word.

This means that a 50,000 word manuscript might be edited for $500-$2,000, and a 100,000 word manuscript might be $1,000-$4,000.

Manuscript evaluation will fall at the lower end of the range, copyediting in the middle, and developmental editing from the middle to higher end.

There is a significant amount of variation among individual manuscripts.

Pricing Factors

The main factors that influence the cost of editing are the length of the manuscript, the type of editing you want, and the current state of the manuscript in terms of writing quality, error frequency, and number and complexity of big-picture issues present.

If my estimate falls outside of your budget, you can ask about adjustments to the scope. Sometimes there are ways to decrease the editing time (and therefore cost) by focusing just on the areas that are most important to you or that you need the most help with.

For tips on how to save money on the editing process, you can read my article on the types of editing where I discuss what to prioritize and how to fit more editing into your budget.

All prices are in US dollars.